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When ITSA 1.3 is installed with your NetView, you should find that if you drill down into each switch then there is an extra icon alongside the management interface, that is labelled Layer2Status. This matches with the "L2 Status" column from your ovtopodump output.

The slightly odd thing is that, until the L2 status of a switch changes (because something gets disconnected), the default status is "Unset" and the colour of the icon is blue (Unknown). This is apparently working as designed. When a L2 event occurs, the status will change to Normal / Marginal / Critical depending on what happened.


Mario Behring wrote:

Hi list,

I´ve just installed ITSA 1.3 on my AIX with NV 7.1.4 FP03...I am new to
this product...

When issuing the "ovtopodump -X" command I get a YES for all switches in
the "Layer 2 OID?" collumn, but I get "Unset" for almost all switches in
the "L2 Status" collumn...what does it mean really ? Should that be
different ? How ?

Before installing I double checked the oid_to_type and oid_to_sym files
and included all switches that were not there. Also, there are no
unreacheable or undiscovered switches, and all of them were discovered as
switches by NetView itself, before ITSA installation.

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you.

Best regards,

Mario Behring

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