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Subject: Re: [nv-l] Netview to tec communications
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Date: Fri, 7 Oct 2005 17:46:27 -0400
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All TEC Adapters (not just the one built into NetView) will attempt to send events to the first Event Server in the list (per the ServerLocation variable). It the Event Server does not respond, it tries the next one in the list, and so on. Events are not sent to all Event Servers defined by the ServerLocation variable. There is an equivalent ServerPort variable for listing port numbers. If all Event Servers are using the same port, then just code one port number. If all Event Servers are UNIX based and portmapper is being used on these UNIX boxes, then just code ServerPort=0, or don't even use the ServerPort variable at all (default is port 0). ServerPort must be used if the Event Server is Windows based.

If you are using the non-TME based TEC Adapter, then TCP/IP socket based communication is used. If you are using TME based, then Tivoli Endpoint software must be running on the same box as the NetView Server and this Endpoint must be configure to communicate wtih a Tivoli Endpoint Gateway which in turn forwards the events to the Event Server using oserv to oserv communication.

I do not know what the default timeout value is. This would probably be defined in the TEC Adapters Guide. There is probably also a tecint.conf variable that would allow you to control the timeout value.

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10/07/2005 04:54 PM
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[nv-l] Netview to tec communications

I'm a little confused on communications between netview and tec.  Suppose I have the following tecint.conf file:


How does Netview talk to either server (ie:  via what port and protocol) and does it wait for serverA to time out, then goto serverB?  How long is the timeout?  Does it try to speak to both simultaneously?


Becki Kain

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