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Re: [nv-l] HP Printer Traps error

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Subject: Re: [nv-l] HP Printer Traps error
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Thats great i would use that to compile a rule for it for TEC, but what should i do with Netview events.... will that fix the problem in NV as well? Do i need to edit the trapd.conf file??


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Re: [nv-l] HP Printer Traps error

Run : /usr/OV/bin/mib2trap <MIB NAME>.mib <MIB NAME.trap <MIB NAME>.baroc

From the dir you mib is in run mib2trap with output file being
hpstuff.trap and hpstuff.baroc being the baroc that will be loaded to TEC
if you are forwarding to TEC

mib2trap assists in event customization.

   mib2trap <mib file> <output file> [<baroc file>] [<base class>]
       <mib file> is your input mib definition file,
       <output file> will contain a series of 'addtrap' commands,
       <baroc file> will contain baroc statements to be used with T/EC.
       <base class> indicates the base class for the optional baroc fil


Mike Noonkesser
NV 7.1.3 Solaris

John M Gatrell <John.Gatrell@uk.ibm.com>
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10/07/2005 03:15 AM
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Re: [nv-l] HP Printer Traps error

You need to run the addtrap command with suitable parameters.

The infomation comes either from running mib2trap on the HP MIB and
capturing the output
in a script file. You can ignore errors from the rest of the mib as long
as something appears in the script file.

Or manually from looking in trapd.log.
In particular you need the 'Enterprise' number and the 'Specific' trap

I seem to remember running mib2trap on a Unix version of Netview,
and taking the script across to the windows version, renaming it as a

It should also be possible to do the same through the graphical interface.

John Gatrell

>NV 7.1.4 FP03
>Windows 2000 SP4
> I am having a large number of errors on Netview stating
> 'trap found with no know format in trapd.conf' what do i need to do get
it fixed?
> The traps are coming from a HP network printer.

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