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Re: [nv-l] Howto list only managed nodes ???

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Subject: Re: [nv-l] Howto list only managed nodes ???
From: Paul Stroud <nvladmin@gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 03 Nov 2005 15:21:35 -0500
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Are you using multiple maps(mapname test)? Do you have
a map named test? Have you tried it without the mapname
variable, or just used default? I have never used multiple
maps on Windows, so I'm shooting in the dark..


Michael D Schleif wrote:

* Paul Stroud <nvladmin@gmail.com> [2005:11:03:14:09:50-0500] scribed:
Are the nodes actually unmanaged or only the interfaces?
It does not sound to me like the actual device is unmanaged.
You can run "ovobjprint -s <hostname>" to see the IP Status
of the device...

OK, what am I missing?

C:\>nvmaputil.bat --mapname test --unmanage-node

C:\>ovobjprint -s p47w7u00.wau.hcscint.net
               OBJECTID                SELECTION NAME

OBJECT: 2370

       FIELD ID        FIELD NAME                      FIELD VALUE
       10              Selection Name                  
       11              IP Hostname                     
       14              OVW Maps Exists                 1
       15              OVW Maps Managed                1
       75              IP Status                       Normal(2)
       78              isIPRouter                      FALSE
       101             IP Name                         
       105             vendor                          Unset(0)
       117             isNode                          TRUE
       119             isComputer                      TRUE
       120             isConnector                     FALSE
       122             isBridge                        FALSE
       123             isRouter                        FALSE
       124             isHub                           FALSE
       145             isDHCPClient                    FALSE
       146             hasBadOID                       FALSE
       147             hasInconsistentSubnetMask               FALSE
       149             isMLM                           FALSE
       151             isIP                            TRUE
       174             isSNMPSupported                 FALSE
       180             SNMPAgent                       Unset(0)
       186             SNMP ipAddress                  ""
       219             TopM Interface Count            1
       225             TopM Interface List             " Up   0x000D6020D284  other               "
       248             XXMAP Protocol List             "IP"

How many contexts for un-managed node does NV have?  I assume that
`Normal(2)' above indicates that the node itself remains managed?  Where
is an exhaustive list of values that IP Status can have?

Here's the rub: My client has a new NV installation; and they have a
very large network.  Currently, we have 21,000 nodes; but, this weekend,
it will double.  There is no documentation about these networks; and
very little standardization.  Most of these nodes are PC's; and we have
no mandate to manage them.  I have not yet found seed file entries to
avoid these PC's; so I need to automate un-managing them.

Yes, James makes interesting points about using the GUI; but, I
challenge any of you to select 10,000 nodes and un-manage them via GUI

What do you think?

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