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[nv-l]Private Interfaces and Duplicate IP addresses

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Subject: [nv-l]Private Interfaces and Duplicate IP addresses
From: "Bursik, Scott {PBSG}" <Scott.Bursik@pbsg.com>
Date: Thu, 9 Mar 2006 14:00:39 -0600
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Thread-topic: [nv-l]Private Interfaces and Duplicate IP addresses

NetView 7.1.4 AIX 5.2


We have a very large environment and we are running into problems with duplicate IP addresses on private networks that are being discovered by NetView through SNMP. Addresses like 192.168.1.x and 10.10.10.x are being used in several areas and causing trouble with Node Down events because of the duplication of addresses.


I was wondering what the community is doing to combat this issue? We have been making the teams readdress the private networks using NetView as the authoritative source for what private addresses are being used but I was wondering if there is a better way to manage these interfaces?




Scott Bursik


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