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Re: [nv-l] can't send trap

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Subject: Re: [nv-l] can't send trap
From: Xianan s Zhang <xszhang@us.ibm.com>
Date: Wed, 10 May 2006 21:29:44 -0700
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Hi James,

Thank you very much for your reply.

I believe my problem is trapd does not receive traps from net-snmp agent (please correct me if I am wrong), because from the linux machine monitored, I saw the package using tcpdump:

        > 20:43:10.598936 cham2.almaden.ibm.com.33014 > IBM-0771EEDD203.almaden.ibm.com.snmptrap:  Trap(39)  E:2021.13.990                         >enterpriseSpecific[specific-trap(17)!=0] 130540494 .iso.org.dod.internet=[|snmp] (DF)

However, on my PC with NetView installed, I could not see this package with tcpdump.

I had already installed 7.1.4 FixPack4 and reconfigured trapd, since I saw you suggested it in your previous messages. But this did not fix my problem.

 Any suggestion on why trap messages were lost between machines? Firewall? But trapd did receive other traps from that linux machine.


James Shanks/Raleigh/IBM@IBMUS
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05/10/2006 02:22 PM
Please respond to

Re: [nv-l] can't send trap

I am confused about just what you are asking.
If you are asking why the net-snmp snmptrap command did not send a trap to
your Window machine, I, for one, cannot help you.
If you are asking why you did not see the trap in your Windows machine,
that would depend on where you looked and how it was configured.

In NetView for Windows SNMPv2 traps will not be received if you are using
the default MS trap Service.  To receive and display SNMPv2 traps in
NetView for Windows you have to reconfigure trapd to control the trap port
himself.  The instructions for doing that are in the NetView for Windows
Version 7.1.4 FixPack3 and FixPack4 Release Notes.  Prior versions of
NetView for Windows could not receive SNMPv2 traps, period.

You did not say where you were looking for the traps either.  By default
trapd in the Windows version does not keep a log.  You have to enable that
using Server Setup.   You can also enable the trapd trace.  The trace will
indicate every trap that comes in, and if you also enable the hex dump of
the packets, it will show you exactly what's been received.  The event
browser will show you all traps which were received and formatted in some
fashion or other by trapd, but it will not show you the failures.  You'd
need the trapd.trace to see that.

You are aware, I trust, that there is also a Linux version of NetView.  It
receives and formats SNMPv2 traps by default.   Lab Services in our
building have it on a laptop that they use to monitor nameservers,  various
critical routers, and build machines.

I am also rather confused about what you were trying to accomplish with
snmptrap here.  NetView does not need to receive traps from your Linux box
in order to monitor it.  But the net-snmp agent does have to be installed
and running to use NetView's full capability.

James Shanks
Level 3 Support  for Tivoli NetView for UNIX and Windows
Tivoli Software / IBM Software Group

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I am a beginner on NetView and SNMP, and new to this mailing list. I have a
question on sending traps.

I have installed NetView on my Windows XP PC, and would like to use it to
manage our Linux machines (RedHat 9.0).

There is net-snmp 5.0.9 package coming with RedHat, and I could use
net-snmp's "snmptrap" command to send traps to other Linux machines. Those
traps could be captured by snmptrapd daemon.

However, if I used "snmptrap" sending traps to my win PC, trapd daemon did
not capture any trap at all. Using tcpdump, I found that the package was
not sent at all.

Could somebody give me some hint on what might be wrong?

Here are the commands I used to send traps:

       snmptrap -v 1 -c public  "" "" 6 99 ""
       snmptrap -v 2c  -c public  "" .

Thanks in advance!


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