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The /etc/hosts entries match my seed file.  I need a seed file as well
to ensure I am polling the loopback interfaces on my routers (unless
there is a better way).  I will trace netmon and report back.


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NetView on windows gives you an indication of a backed up ping queue or
a backed up SNMP queue. If he is seeing this netmon SNMP queue backed
up, then it will directly impact demandpolls. A demandpoll is nothing
other than additional SNMP requests to machines which gets put on that
queue. Do those get put on the end of the queue, sounds like it.

It is possible that Windows is slow with /etc/hosts...but that it does
not generate high CPU while reading it. That could be a Unix / Windows

Another item that could be impacting you.
The other question...do you only have one interface for each host in
your /etc/hosts or DNS? If so, were those interfaces in your seed file
for discovery? If not, how do you know that netmon discovered each
device through that specific interface? Netmon reads ARP tables and will
talk forever afterwards (via SNMP) to the device with the very first
interface found on that device. It will not change to another interface
until that interface (or device) is removed from the database. So, you
could have for router1 in your DNS, but if was the
first interface discovered for router1 that would be the interface that
NetView is using to send snmp requests. So you can have DNS entries that
NetView doesn't use if NetView discovered a different interface first.
Usually people that just want to discover network devices only will have
a 'database' of their network and put those 'managment interfaces' in
both their seed file and also in their DNS. Then you delete the device,
and rediscover it via the seed file (or do a complete rediscovery). 

Many people when they first start out do a number of complete network
discoveries while they are getting their configuration correct.

Stephen Hochstetler shochste@us.ibm.com
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