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Hi Jane,
               I am currently running 7.1.4 FixPack4  on AIX 5.3.3...  We
are currently going through a server refresh project and my Unix team is
wanting to move to a Linux or Solaris 10 box.  I have had very little
exposure to Linux, so would Suse 9.1 Professional be your recommendation?

Thanks, Dave

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I have run NetView on a Suse 9.1 Professional and on SLES 9 for at least
18 months now. As you mention, you do need to do a slight hack to get
around the "unsupported version" to run on SuSE pro but this has not
caused me any pain - however I would have to recommend you install on a
SLES 9 system if this is a production NetView because of the support issue.

Prior to this, I ran on RedHat 7.2 (when it was still supported).

My personal preference is for SuSE as I find it a much more manageble
version of Linux from a Sys Admin point-of-view. As far as NetView goes,
I had no issue with either.

Jorge Jiles wrote:
> We have used Netview for Solaris for many years now, but due to Sun
> servers cost, we are looking at Netview on Linux as an alternative.
> For those running Netview on Linux, which is the prefer flavor of
> Linux to install Netview???
> Checking the CNVprereq.sh script for Netview 7.1.4, the only supported
> versions are SuSe 8.0 and 8.1 R2, RedHat 2.1AS R2 and United Linux 1.0
> R2. We tried installing Netview 7.1.4 on a server running Fedora 5.0
> which of-course complained of “Unsupported Version of Linux Operating
> System.” According to some system administrators here we could hack
> the install and try to make it work, but we will have the same problem
> for every Netview upgrade coming our way. I’m not a Linux expert, but
> it seems that the Red Hat version is the most popular and stable one.
> Thanks for any information.
> Jorge A. Jiles
> Network Analyst
> Academic Information and Communication Technologies (AICT)
> Phone: (780) 492-9168
> University of Alberta
> Edmonton, Alberta
> Canada
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