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RE: [NV-L] BlackBerry Messaging Agent MIB

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Subject: RE: [NV-L] BlackBerry Messaging Agent MIB
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Thread-topic: [NV-L] BlackBerry Messaging Agent MIB
Have you talked with RIM to get the latest MIB from them? We have to periodically chase down vendors when they update agent code in the devices and NV starts seeing unformatted traps.

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Sent: Monday, February 19, 2007 11:43 AM
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Subject: RE: [NV-L] BlackBerry Messaging Agent MIB

I apologize for my miscommunication. I've done this so many years and I still get confused when talking about loading traps/mibs..


I got the mib BLACKBERRYSERVER-MIB.mib and ran mib2trap to generate the addtrap scrip. I then ran the script which defined the traps. The traps that were defined where for enterprise


I'm getting unknown traps for Before generating the script, I was also getting unknown traps for This trap is now formatted so I don’t get unknown traps. But I continue to get unknown traps for


I searched every where (mibdepot, blackberry website, google, http://jaguar.ir.miami.edu/~marcus/snmptrans.html) and I only find reference to or but nothing for


I figured someone in the list may have the mib for so I can run mib2trap against it.




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Subject: Re: [NV-L] BlackBerry Messaging Agent MIB


Loaded the MIB? Does it define any traps?

Assuming the MIB defines traps , which you can check by looking for either TRAP-TYPE (SNMPv1) statements or NOTIFICATION-TYPE (SNMPv2) statements, then you must run mib2trap on it to generate an addtrap script, and then run that script to define the traps to trapd. Just loading a MIB does nothing to define a trap to trapd.

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"Catalina Martinez" <Catalina.Martinez@tlc.state.tx.us>
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[NV-L] BlackBerry Messaging Agent MIB


Hello, does any one have the BlackBerry Messaging Agent (

I loaded Blackberry Server MIB but now am getting unknown traps for the Agent. I also have configured traps for

I thought if a trap came in it would get the enterprise id closest to it but this doesn’t seem to be case. This behavior is the same on Netview 7.1.4 FP4 and Netview 7.1.5. I looked for the mib in mibdepot. I also did a google search for and can not find anything.

AIX 5.2 ML9

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