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Subject: Re: [NV-L] Netview/Netcool
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There are plenty of classes available now. Just go out to www.ibm.com and search for Omnibus education or Precision education. They'll pop right up. Omnibus is the pre-req to Precision, so I'd start there.

Omnibus is the heart of the Netcool suite. All the products, like Precision IP, and other pieces either feed Omnibus or get data from it. If you know anything at all about TEC, you'll feel right at home with Omnibus, except that everything's in SQL (no Prolog!). There's a one-day class on setting up the console and a 4-day Implementers class that I've attended and can highly recommend.

Once you see Omnibus and get comfortable with it, you'll understand why Precision doesn't mess with events. If TEC had been around fifteen years ago, perhaps NetView wouldn't have developed its own even console either; it might just have let the TEC console be the event console, rather than create a separate one. So it only makes sense that's what the Micromuse guys did. They already had a dynamite event handler so they just used that.

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[NV-L] Netview/Netcool

I read in other nv-list email about how Netview wont be able to handle traps that Omnibus will do that. It just seems major changes are on the way and I want to get a better handle of this.

I'm planning my training for the remainder of the year. I'm wondering whether its going to be more beneficial to attend the User Conference or an Admin Class to learn about migrating Netview/Netcool. Is the training classes updated already?


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