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RE: [NV-L] Netview: Console, map and blue icons...

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Subject: RE: [NV-L] Netview: Console, map and blue icons...
From: "Ilas, Yann" <yann.ilas@eads.com>
Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2007 16:02:47 +0100
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Ok for Netview console. I think I'll used the "netviewd" daemon and stop this daemon if I need to add a node.


Now, about the blue icons, I'll try to explain (better ;-) ) my problem:

At the first configuration of the Netview map, I started the discovery of servers (by using "netmon seed" file). Once these servers were discovered, I created a map by using the « location.conf » configuration file.

Then, I started the creation of applications (services, processes, etc.) by using the « nvsniffer » application.

Now, I have the icon representing the server and inside this icon, I have services (or applications) which are running.

The problem is about these icons. In fact for some servers (not all), when I close/restart the Netview application, some icons turn to blue (instead of staying red or green because they were green or red just before stopping the application).

I really don't understand why... Indeed, the SmartSets are green...


Where are stored the states of each icon of the map? Maybe the problem comes from here?


Note that the color is changed by using the "nvsnmptrap" application (from a TEC rule).







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I believe you can only run the service for web console OR the real console in R/W mode -not both at the same time.  I vaguely recall you may be able to open the standard console I R/W mode THEN start the web console service (but only in R/O mode)
As for the blue - that can be different things.  Typically it means the device has been discovered somehow (arp cache, route tables, snmp information  from a device) but its true state cannot be determined.  Usually that's because there is no ping or snmp connectivity to those objects.  I'd verify that.  My workaround for some firewalls is to add the device to netmon seed editor as an snmp status checked device.  That way if you can talk to 1 interface the rest can be queried through  snmp interface status.


Glen Warn
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Subject:        [NV-L] Netview: Console, map and blue icons...

Hello all,

I have questions about Netview (which is running on windows 2000 / the
version is 7.1.5).

1. A question about the console. In fact, I see that there are two consoles:
The "Netview Webconsole" and the "Netview Console" (and the console we can
access by using a browser but that console is not important here).
Apparently it is not possible to start both consoles at the same time?

I can't start the "Netview console" (for instance: I want to change or add a
server) while the daemon "netviewd" is running... Is there something I
didn't see? Or maybe it is not possible to do that?

2. When I stop the "Netview Console" and restart this console, some of icons
turn to... "blue" (undefined state ?). I set the option "Save Open Topology
Objects every 20 minutes" but nothing changes. Is there something I have to
do to have the true color of these icons?



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