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I'll take first shot at these. I think I tried to answer similar ones for one of your colleagues.

1. You do have a SQL database installed. The Jet / MS Access database is installed on ALL Windows platforms and accessible via ODBC. If you did not install MS SQL Server BEFORE you installed NetView then that is what you are using. By default the data is stored in \usr\ov\databases\odbc\snmpcollect_db.mdb . You can look at that with MS Access if you have it.

2. Tell us more precisely what collection you saw collected data for but still got the error message "There is no data to graph." error message for. That doesn't make sense to me offhand. What collection did you highlight and what button(s) did you click? Start a new nv-l thread and let the user community know. Someone may have a suggestion.

3. Well, the default global polling cycle in Options --> SNMP is 20 minutes and that's probably too long. I'd shorten it to five minutes. Why your status didn't change is a mystery. Is the netmon daemon running? Are there error messages in \usr\ov\log\netmon.trace? How about the nv.log? If you select a node on the map and pull down "Test" and select either Quicktest or Demand Poll, what do you get? Start a new nv-l thread and let the user community know. Someone may have a suggestion.

4.Sorry, I am not going to get into the area of competitive analysis. I would search the IBM web site or the Internet for that kind of information. The short answer would probably be that it has much tighter integration with other Tivoli products, such as the Tivoli Event Console (TEC) and Integrated Tivoli Monitoring (ITM). Network management is seldom undertaken in a vacuum these days, but is usually implemented as part of an overall monitoring strategy that includes systems management, server performance, and storage availability. So the choice of a network management product often comes down to which one fits best in your overall strategy and current portfolio of products.

Are you aware that NetView is no longer IBM's premiere network management offering for distributed network's? About 18 months ago IBM purchased Micromuse, and their Omnibus and NetCool Precision IP products, repackaged as IBM products, will be replacing the Tivoli Event Console (TEC) and NetView for UNIX and Windows over time. 7.1.5 is the last release of NetView. It is not available for sale to new customers in the US and Europe, only in parts of Asia. Each IBM geography makes the determination as to what products are suitable for new customers. But over the next few years, NetView will be replaced by NetCool Precision IP. If you want to learn more about Precision or other Tivoli products, I recommend joining a Tivoli user group. You can see about that at http://www.tivoli-ug.org/

5. You can configure new traps manually using Options --> Trap Settings, or if you have a vendor MIB which defines them, then you can use the mib2trap utility. mib2trap creates addtrap batch files which, when executed, add new definitions to trapd.conf

Have you tried searching the nv-l archives for suggestions to your problems? You just might find what you need there.

James Shanks
Level 3 Support for Tivoli NetView for UNIX and Windows
Network Availability Management
Network Management - Development
Tivoli Software, IBM Corp
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Dear sir,

I need the following clarifications regarding Tivoli netview 7.1.4 for windows 2000 professional

1)If I do not have a SQL database installed in server, will the mib information be stored?If so where?

2)When I tried to graph MIB data for a snmp enabled node,It shows the following

There is no data to graph.
Select “tools->MIB->collect Data” to see the current collections.
Then select “data” to view the nodes within each collection.

Even I have tried the above said ,it did’nt work. The collected data field displays mib data.But still I am unable to draw the graph.What may be the reason?

3)When the network LAN cable was unplugged,there was no change in the status of the nodes inspite of setting the polling options of duration 20 minutes, even after an hour.What could be the reason?

4)what are the special features(including security) available in netview rather than the other network management tools?

5)How to configure new traps?

Thanks in advance..

Bye…expecting an early reply…..

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