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RE: [NV-L] Root access

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Subject: RE: [NV-L] Root access
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Yes, but in my experiences, sudo does not work for all commands (addtrap, for one, core dumps on it)

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Subject: RE: [NV-L] Root access

I don't think there is a technical explanation or a problem.  It's just some fuzzy wording left over from long ago when only "root" had "root" authority.  It's been a couple months since we put a test instance of NV 7.1.5 in place on RH 4 and my memory may not be working well, but as I remember it ...
The character string "root" is meaningless.  The authority is the key.  I log into the system where NetView will reside with my normal user connection then so a SUDO to get administrator (root) authority, change directory to where I've copied my media from the disks  ( /usr/NV_media/NV-Base-715/BASE_CD/NetView) and proceed to issue the "./instalnv -k SERVER [-u] [-q]" command. 
"Real soon now" we'll be putting 7.1.5 into production.  It's been working well on the test machine.  Our system support group is busily removing unused packages and tying up security threads on the RH 4 install so we can proceed. 
Bill Evans

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Subject: [NV-L] Root access

Hi All,
       Can someone please provide me a technical explanation as to why you need to be logged on as 'root' to install Netview?  I currently have a new Solaris 10 box that Im going to load Netview 7.1.5 on and my Unix team does not want to give me the root password. They have given me 'sudo root' and with sudo you already have the same level of access as the Unix Systems Administrators and can grab a root shell as needed.  The only location the root user can log into a server is on the serial console.  Ssh into the server as root and running the su command will not work per the ITRM Unix security template.  

Thanks, Dave
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