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Subject: Re: NETVIEW vs. TEC
From: Douglas Stevenson <douglas.stevenson@PREDICTIVE.COM>
Date: Mon, 8 Feb 1999 20:52:07 -0500
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What does TEC give you?  A big list of events that you can filter and compare.

If I were looking at the situation, I'd probably take a good look at
Micromuse Netcool Omnibus.  It's fast to deploy, easy to build automations,
and can handle huge amounts of data in bursts... Someone told me they have
a probe for TEC...

For correlations, we tend to split these levels up into five distinct

Event Correlation - Event categorization, deduplication and filtering.
Device Correlation - Comparisons of managed objects, their subcomponents
and capabilities and their interrelationships.
Alarm Correlation - The narrowing of multiple events into a single root
cause and side effects.
System Correlation - The comparison of alarm, event and gathered data to
determine its effect as a system.
Service Correlation - The comparison of data necessary to determine a
Service problem.

Once you get the correlation down, the problems at hand can be handled as a
function of workflow.



At 03:33 PM 2/8/99 +0100, Holger Heimann wrote:
>>What you are missing is a direction.  What do you want to manage?
>That's how I feel ;-)
>I want to manage (better monitor) - say - "objects" and I do not care if it
>is a router or a Database in the first place. I want to monitor an
>IT-System, assuming that any part of it can be vital. I would like to be
>able to do that active (or polled mode, maybe with limitations) and passive
>(with agents).
>>TEC allows you to combine all sorts of events into the mix  because it has
>>the Logfile adapter, which can be set up to read any ASCII log.  And TEC
>>allows you to correlate events from other Tivoli products such as Inventory
>>and Software Distribution.  It is more comprehensive than NetView, unless
>>you are going to write your own agents.
>I learned that there are external agents that provide some of the
>functionality the TEC does (i.e. Tavve, I guess). Isn't it true, that I can
>build a essentially similar functionality to TEC combining the products and
>putting a little glue to it?
>TEC costs 5-10 times what Netview costs, no scaling option. But at least for
>monitoring purposes only it looks like Netview would be sufficient - with
>some Add-Ons and a little bit of work.
>Holger Heimann

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