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Re: Netview 4 with cisco routers

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Subject: Re: Netview 4 with cisco routers
From: Dave Luiz <daveluiz@JPS.NET>
Date: Sat, 27 Feb 1999 23:54:49 -0800
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We also have a large network (800+ Cisco routers) in a VERY dynamic 
environment. So much change in fact, that we have 11 full time bodies making 
adds/mods/deletes daily! We too, are very disappointed in Netview's ability to 
remove "old data" from its map/object/topology databases regardless of the
"delete node down" time interval set in the SNMP configuration settings. As a 
result, we have had to adjust our change management process to include the 
necessary Netview map corrections for each change made in the network. A fully 
manual process.

However, since our DNS is always kept current, I have automated the creation of 
a seedfile based upon what is known to DNS. Once a new seedfile is created, the 
automation also recycles netmon in order to process the new seedfile. Cron runs 
this once every 24 hours and as long as we completely remove
all old objects from the databases, the process works great! Further, we apply 
the database utilities "ovmapcount -a", "ovmapcount -b", "ovtopofix -A", and 
"nvTurboDatabase speed" weekly! Although much time is spent in manual 
processes, our databases have been very accurate and VERY stable for a long
time now.

Hope that helps!
Dave Luiz

Rob Wilkinson wrote:

> Hi,
> We use Netview for monitoring 1600 cisco routers. The environment is very 
> dynamic in that there are constant changes to the network such as removal, 
> upgrading, additions of cisco routers daily.
> Netview maps are always wrong because they contain the old information and it 
> is always necessary to go and update them manually. We use a seed file so we 
> need to add the new entries to this and bounce netmon.  When a router is 
> removed physically we need to go and remove it manually from the maps.
> We always have disconnected elements on our root map and have tried deleteing 
> them and they always come back..
> Does anyone have a similar situation and how do you manage this or automate 
> it?
> Thanks,
> Rob

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