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Re: Filtering TEC events on NetView NT

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Subject: Re: Filtering TEC events on NetView NT
From: Vladimir Petr <PETR@DATASYS.CZ>
Date: Tue, 13 Apr 1999 20:47:45 +0200
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then I would create a TEC event group(s) with the appropriate filters so that PC events can be excluded (or only router events can be included). They will not show up in the console then (but will be stored in the database). Event group filters accept Perl regex's to some extent so you will not have to enlist all the addresses for the origin slot.
Or you can create a rule that will fire when an event of the desired class and origin is received. For example, you can drop the events that match. Rule Builder has little capability for this so there may be need to write the rule directly in Prolog.
To exclude PC events utterly, I would not discover those PC's at all. That's what I do on my NV box. If it is possible for you you may go this way.

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William_W_List@BCBSMN.COM wrote:

I'm sorry I didn't detail all of my problem.  I would like to eliminate
PC's and
their interfaces from sending events.  In other words if a PC goes down,
I don't
want it to show up at the TEC console, but if a router does it should
show.  The
hardest thing to remove is "interface down" on the PC's, all I have to
work with
is the last octet.  I would like to write a rule that states if the last
of the interface is > 50 then discard.  I realize I could hardcode all
server routers ect.  but that would be a maintenance nightmare.  Any
ideas how I
could accomplish this?
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