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Re: Web Interface issues

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Subject: Re: Web Interface issues
From: Matt Ashfield <mda@UNB.CA>
Date: Thu, 22 Apr 1999 10:58:54 -0300
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I have an additional question about the web interface. Is it possible to
display a different map on the Web Interface than what is on the Server's
display? For example, if I wanted the IP Internet map to be different on the
two interfaces...



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From: Jan Green <greenjan@yahoo.com>
To: NV-L@ucsbvm.ucsb.edu <NV-L@ucsbvm.ucsb.edu>
Date: Thursday, April 22, 1999 8:47 AM
Subject: Web Interface issues

>If anyone has any ideas, they would be appreciated.
>I am running AIX 4.3.1 on Tivoli 3.6 and Netview 5.1.1
>We just started using the web interface for monitoring
>purposes. I have the following problems:
>1. When a user acknowledges an interface on the web,
>it also acknowledges the interface on the read/write
>2. When the icons on the web interface are displayed
>they have moved from the position they were in on the
>r/w map. Example: I have the map of US as my
>background, on the GUI Raleigh,NC is in NC. But, on
>the web it is in KY. My users are having problems
>finding the correct sites.
>I have deleted the .gif files and rebuilt them and
>have no problems with the colors or status changes.
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