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Re: Web Interface issues

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Subject: Re: Web Interface issues
From: "Art C. DeBuigny" <debuigny@DALLAS.NET>
Date: Sat, 24 Apr 1999 12:47:17 -0500
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On that note about the acknowledge on the web browser.  I've been
meaning to do this, but haven't had time yet to research how to do it,
but I was wondering if there was a way to creatively edit the HTML code
in NetView to disable the acknowledge button on the web browser.

If I find a way before someone else here does, I shall share.

Art DeBuigny

Leslie Clark wrote:
> 1) That is a feature. No one asked me beforehand, but the developers
> thought it would be neat. This is so the analyst, when he goes to a
> closet and checks a device, can web back to the map and ack it for
> everyone to see. Unfortunately it also means that any user with
> access (limited by Netview Security, of course) can ack anything.
> This is the ONLY case where someone with essentially r/o access can
> have a destructive effect on what others see. Anyone who does not
> like this feature should send a note to netview@tivoli.com to
> explain how this affects them in real life. Maybe it should be
> optional, or a separate entry in Netview Security. (IMHO)
> 2)  I'm not sure you can expect exact reproduction on the web client.
> You might make sure that the box your browser is on has its display
> set to the same resolution as the Server does, eg 1280x1024. But
> it appears to me that the background and foreground are handled
> separately, so the results of the two might be a tiny bit different.
> I usually find that background gifs are great for marketing and
> presentations, and for when the tour group comes through your ops
> center, but in real life they usually just slow down responsiveness.
> Operators soon learn to love the logical map you lay out for them.
> Cordially,
> Leslie A. Clark
> IBM Global Services - Systems Mgmt & Networking
> If anyone has any ideas, they would be appreciated.
> I am running AIX 4.3.1 on Tivoli 3.6 and Netview 5.1.1
> We just started using the web interface for monitoring
> purposes. I have the following problems:
> 1. When a user acknowledges an interface on the web,
> it also acknowledges the interface on the read/write
> map.
> 2. When the icons on the web interface are displayed
> they have moved from the position they were in on the
> r/w map. Example: I have the map of US as my
> background, on the GUI Raleigh,NC is in NC. But, on
> the web it is in KY. My users are having problems
> finding the correct sites.
> I have deleted the .gif files and rebuilt them and
> have no problems with the colors or status changes.
> Thanks
> Jan
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