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Re: Netview NT Trapd

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Subject: Re: Netview NT Trapd
From: "Todd E. Lewis" <telewis@PROVIDENTBANKMD.COM>
Date: Wed, 28 Apr 1999 07:42:39 -0400
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SQL, Thanks.

>>> "Boyles, Gary P" <gary.p.boyles@INTEL.COM> 04/27 2:32 PM >>>
The event-browser can use either MS-SQL, or the Access DB  (you decided
this at installation time).

Are you running the Access (JET) database, or have you installed MS-SQL?

If you're running Access... then I'd say it sounds like some of the database
problems that Microsoft put out fixes on.  Goto the MS homepage and look for
database fixes.  I believe the file is "mdac_typ.exe". If you have the
V5.1.1 kit I think Tivoli included the MS mdac file on the kit.


Gary Boyles

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From: Todd E. Lewis [mailto:telewis@PROVIDENTBANKMD.COM] 
Sent: Tuesday, April 27, 1999 10:09 AM
Subject: Netview NT Trapd

Has anyone ever gotten the message that trapd is not communicating with SQL
database or it not loaded ? This causes the event browser to just display
history events. I also seem to have a problem with the event browser just
stopping even though the trapd is running.

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