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Re: Icons retaining event colour after event cleared

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Subject: Re: Icons retaining event colour after event cleared
From: Brandon Mitchell <bmitch@SURFREE.COM>
Date: Wed, 6 Oct 1999 06:14:33 -0400
> I am not sure if this can be done, but when a critical event occurs and
> is then cleared, we would like the device icon to stay red and not
> change until acknowledged. An example of this could be a device going
> down for a short period, so the device icon changes to red then back to
> green.

I haven't tried this, and my experience is with NV for NT, but I'm under
the impression the changing icon color is handled by the trapd for all
status changes.  Changing the trap settings for the node up and interface
up events so that they don't make a status change to default may work.  If
so, then I have a simple program which lets you highlight a set of symbols
and change the status of the objects they represent.


    Brandon Mitchell  *  http://public.surfree.com/bmitch
  bmitch@surfree.com  *  ICQ: 30631197

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