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Re: Reg Bandwidthutilhdx Mib - Netview NT

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Subject: Re: Reg Bandwidthutilhdx Mib - Netview NT
From: M Robert Prakash <robertprakash@CHENNAI.TCS.CO.IN>
Date: Tue, 8 Feb 2000 17:30:18 +0530

Thanks again for your response.I tried the "at"  command,it did not list
snmpodump, but it had two entries for nvsniffer.We are not ready for Tivoli
Decision support yet.My responsibility now is to monitor the serial ports of
about 8 routers we have and then produce reports on Bandwidth utilization.May be
I can collect data in longer time intervals,say every four hours and produce
monthly or weekly reports.I have found that I can compress the collected data
using snmpodump command.Last time I tried that,but it produced erroneous data.I
have purged my database and started again and  since yesterday it has been
collecting hourly data.May be I will try snmpodump again.Its a bit embarassing
for me for not being  able to produce proper reports as we have also got an
evaluation copy of Spectrum with us and it seems to be very good at producing

Is there a way of integrating the data collect with an RDBMS.The database guide
I possess has details only of Netview for Unix where RIM comes in to play.I
already have Access installed but I am not able to open the Snmpcollect_db.mdb
file present  in the usr/ov/databases/odbc directory.I even copied it somewhere
else with a different name,it was still not opening.The error was the I did not
have proper database rights to access that.Any clues...

With Best Regards


Leslie Clark <lclark@US.IBM.COM> on 02/08/2000 03:14:11 AM

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Subject:  Re: Reg Bandwidthutilhdx Mib - Netview NT

It is my understanding that the grapher on NT does not show all collected
data as the grapher on Unix does. It only shows the last cycle since you
stop/started snmpCollect. The last time I asked support about this I was
advised that the best route to go was to implement the Tivoli Decision
Support product, and use the Netview Guides to view and analyse the
data collected with Netview. If the data is actually in the database, you
be looking at a Feature.


Leslie A. Clark
IBM Global Services - Systems Mgmt & Networking

When you select 'Schedule snmpcollect data to delete' Netview creates a
snmpodump scheduled command. Selecting 'do no schedule database purging'
should remove the scheduled entry. Run "at" from the command line to see if
there is still a snmpodump entry. If it is still there, you can safely
delete it by running "at x /delete" where x is the ID of the snmpodump

 Matt Moore

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From: M Robert Prakash [mailto:robertprakash@CHENNAI.TCS.CO.IN]
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Subject: Reg Bandwidthutilhdx Mib


I am pretty new to Netview,first of all I want to thank James shanks for
reply to my first mail,it was informative.But I din't put further questions
because I had not read the Netview manuals then and I was just getting
am using Netview for  NT ver 5.1.1.

I have a question reg the Bandwidthutilhdx mib.By default the routers
starts collecting Bandwidthutilhdx Mib data for all routers.This data can
later saved or viewed as a graph.But I find that the collected data does
last more than 1 or 2 days .So everytime I view the data,I see only the
the last two days.So if I have been collecting for a week,the previous 5
data I am not able to see.Under the options->server setup, files tab,there
is an
option-'Schedule snmpcollect data to delete',which was configured to purge
data everyday at 11.00pm, which I have changed to  'do no schedule database
purging' and I have restarted the Netview server.It doesnt seem to be

I installed netview on a server with no database software like MS-Access or
server.So it created its own Access database to store data.Later I
MSOffice,so MSAccess also got installed.Do I have to do any
reconfiguration.Could this be the problem.

Thanks in advance


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