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Re: Implementing Netview on HA

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Subject: Re: Implementing Netview on HA
From: Chris Cowan <chris.cowan@2ND-WAVE.COM>
Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2000 13:16:17 -0600
"Ferreira, Linda" wrote:
> Chris,
> I will look into Chapter 6 on Backup Managers.  Unfortunately, I don't know
> too much about HA myself, but we are an HA shop and we have some "experts"
> which have implemented HA on other applications but unfortunaltely they
> don't know Netview.  Their question for me was "Is  Netview HA'able?"
> meaning, could it reside somewhere other than rootvg, if so, it could be
> done.  All they need to know is whether or not  Netview can be installed on
> a seperate logical volume (not part of the operating system) Can you answer
> that question for me being that you have implemented it for your customer?
> Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


There is no problem placing or moving the /usr/OV filesystem to any
volume group.   The real trick is handling the Netview databases.
Netview builds the entire topology DB with itself as the point of
reference.   Depending on how you do the NIC configurations on the HA
machines, you may or may not have to reconcile the databases (which
could involve running reset_ci, ovtopofix, etc....) when you failover.
If you have to do this, this could increase the failover time

Also, if you're going to put /usr/OV in a shared disk array, you're
going to also have to make sure that you kill all processes (like the NV
webserver) using files in /usr/OV.  You may also have to recycle snmpd,
in order to make sure that you have the proper SNMP stack configuration
underneath of Netview.

I recommended the Backup Manager approach because it's just a lot
cleaner, both from an installation/config and maintenance standpoint.

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