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Re: Using an Expression in MIB Application

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Subject: Re: Using an Expression in MIB Application
From: "Bernard Disselborg" <BDISSELB@triple-p.nl>
Date: Thu, 06 Apr 2000 14:15:15 +0200

See attached ARF. I'm using this to display the expression If%util (interface 
utilisation) in a graph.
Just define the name of the mib expression in the xnmgraph statement.



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>>> W.M.de.Bruin@DNB.NL 04/06/00 12:28PM >>>


I don t think I understand your answer...
What I want to do is to use an existing Mib Expression (Defined in
MibExpr.conf), to create a graph of say percentage Utilization of a router link.
However, I want to use this Expression in a MIB Application, rather than in a
Data Collection.

This provides me with the possibilty to select a node, and see an actual
representation of percentage bandwith utilization, as calculated by the
expression, updated every 5 seconds or so.....

Any suggestions?

Wouter de Bruin
Network Management Consultant
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/* Created by: Triple P - Bernard Disselborg Date: 22-10-99 16:56:31 */ Application "ifutil" : "mibgraph" { Version "1.0"; Description { "SNMP MIB Monitoring Application", "Created by:", " Triple P - Bernard Disselborg", " Date: 991022", } Copyright { "All rights reserved", } MenuBar "Performance" { "Network Activity" f.menu "Performance->Network Activity"; } Menu "Performance->Network Activity" { "Interface Utilisation" f.action "ifutil"; } Action "ifutil" { SelectionRule (isSNMPSupported)||(isSNMPProxied); MinSelected 1; Command "xnmgraph \ -title \"Ethernet Interface Utilisation: ${OVwSelections}\" \ -units \"Percent\" \ -poll \"10s\" \ -mib \"If%util::::::::\" \ ${OVwSelections}"; } }
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