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Re: NetView 6.0 for NT

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Subject: Re: NetView 6.0 for NT
From: lclark@us.ibm.com
Date: Tue, 18 Apr 2000 20:39:39 -0400

Perhaps you are expecting too much. On Netview for NT, using the
method you describe ( graph collected data ) you will only be able
to graph data collected since the last time snmpcollect was started
up. And it restarts every time you make a configuration change. You
can graph realtime data with the mib applications, or directly from the
mib browser, but that is realtime, a different mechanism, as opposed
to snmpcollect, which is historical (but not very).  Not real exciting, I
You might try leaving it alone for a whille and then graphing ALL collected
data, and see what does show up. You  should get a dialog that lets you
choose which data to graph. You should also be able to run sql queries
directly against the database and see all of the old data.

The design intent, I am told, is that you are expected to post-process
the data in other ways, for instance using Tivoli Decision Support, which
is a Cognos-based tool for graphically presenting data. Netview V6 is
supposed to ship with the Netview Guides (pre-configured data collection
and canned 'reports') for free. Then you just need to buy TDS. It is very
very powerful tool, which to me usually mean very complicated.

If your interest is in just some simple views of the data, I would wait and
see if it works after you get through your initial gyrations with it. If it
not behave as I described above, you might want to call Support for help.


Leslie A. Clark
IBM Global Services - Systems Mgmt & Networking

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"Algie Bryant" <a.bryant@ais-nms.com>@tkg.com on 04/18/2000 11:23:24 AM

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I currently have NetView 6.0 Enterprise Edition for NT running on a Compaq
Proliant  Server using a MS SQL 7.0 database Integrated with Framework and
T/EC on NT Platforms.
I'm able to collect MIB data, but can't graph that data.  The data appears
in the Mib Data section of Mib data collection, but when I select graph I
the following error:

There is no data to graph.
Select "Tools->MIB->Collect Data" to see the current collections.
Then select "Data" to view the nodes within each collection.

However, I am able to graph interface traffic on a device.  Does anyone
of a solution to  this problem with NetView 6.0 for NT.

Algie Bryant
AIS, Inc.,
Certified Tivoli Consultant
Senior Consultant


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