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Re: Pings to Unmanaged Devices

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Subject: Re: Pings to Unmanaged Devices
From: "David E. Dimond" <dimond@allina.com>
Date: Thu, 20 Apr 2000 09:57:40 -0500

Welcome to the wonderful world of Optivity.

You don't mention what version of it you are running -- we got so
fed up that we dropped support and are thus stuck at version
8.whatever running under Netview v4.  I had this same problem
and killed not only the superping daemon, but the entire set of
SA daemons.  Including all the trap correlation stuff and returned
port 162 to Netview where it belongs.  My life has been much simpler
ever since I let Netview do what it what designed to do and got 
all the uneeded Optivity hooks out of the system.

We only use it to monitor our legacy shared infrastructure of s3000
ethernet kit, and I have found - for our purposes - the only
real useful pieces of Optivity to be Expandedview and Omniview.
And these run just fine with only the 'opt_init' set of daemons.
NodalView would be nice, but it's full of bugs and gotchas that
Nortel won't even acknowledge, let alone fix.  I've found everything
else in the package to be functionally worthless unless you are
100% homogenous SynOptBayTel.  In which case you have my sincere

I'm currently bringing up a Netview v6 box and have discovered,
much to my dismay, that the Optivity v8 won't work due to some
as yet unknown problem syncing the Raima database to Netview.

So I'm writing my own registration files to crowbar the relevant
and useful pieces of Optivity straight into the Netview menu
system which calls the apps from the command line.  And all this
works without any of the other Optivity bloat at all...

Sorry for the rant -- you touched a nerve rubbed raw by four
years of trying to get Optivity to do what its marketing
literature claims doable.  (And don't get me started on
the Analysis package - what a nightmare...)


Dave Dimond
Allina Health System
(note that the views expressed above are mine and mine alone, 
and do not neccesarily reflect the opinions or attitudes of
my employer...)

ronnie.ross@springs.com wrote:
> Thanks.  I found out it was NOT NetView doing the pings.  It was Nortel
> Optivity application superping daemon.  Since we have Bay routers, Optivity
> added them to its database and was pinging every interface on all routers
> including the interfaces we use for dial backup.  I guess it is not smart
> enough to use NetView unmanaged state to NOT ping.  Nortel says I can go
> into the Optivity database and turn off the pings by subnet.  I did not
> know I had to do this.  Does anyone know if I kill the super ping daemon if
> the rest of Optivity will still work?  As a quick fix to get the traffic
> off our Internet circuit, that is what I have done
> Thanks for your help.
> Ronnie
>...leslie's as-usual wonderful reply snipped in the interest 
>of bandwidth efficiency as it already exists in archive...
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> Subject:  [NV-L] Pings to Unmanaged Devices
> I have NetVIew 5.1.2 for AIX.  Why does NetView ping every unmanaged node?
> Most of the unmanaged interfaces are backup circuits.  Since there is now a
> default route out to the internet, these pings are eating up the bandwith.
> Ronnie
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