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Re: Pings to Unmanaged Devices

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Subject: Re: Pings to Unmanaged Devices
From: ronnie.ross@springs.com
Date: Thu, 20 Apr 2000 08:38:16 -0400
Thanks.  I found out it was NOT NetView doing the pings.  It was Nortel
Optivity application superping daemon.  Since we have Bay routers, Optivity
added them to its database and was pinging every interface on all routers
including the interfaces we use for dial backup.  I guess it is not smart
enough to use NetView unmanaged state to NOT ping.  Nortel says I can go
into the Optivity database and turn off the pings by subnet.  I did not
know I had to do this.  Does anyone know if I kill the super ping daemon if
the rest of Optivity will still work?  As a quick fix to get the traffic
off our Internet circuit, that is what I have done

Thanks for your help.

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This question comes up from time to time, but I think in every case
people find that interfaces they thought were unmanaged were actually
managed. Some possible reasons for the misconception:
1) you are looking at a map where it is unmanaged, but you have more
than one map, and it is managed in one of those.
2) the interface has been deleted and added repeatedly, so it is no
longer unmanaged. This happens when there are name resolution
problems. Look in trapd.log for evidence of delete/add.
3) you are downlevel (eg 5.0, 5.1, 5.1.1) and there is a bug where
you may need to run ovmapcount -a to get it unmanaged all the way.
4) you unmanaged the inteface, but then managed the parent node or
the network it is in. This manages the children, including the interface
you wanted to be unmanaged.

Look in Tools... Display Object Info with the interface selected to see
how many maps it exists in, and how many it is managed in. If you
see Maps Managed....0, and you see netmon pinging that interface
then you will have one for the record books. Call support.

What I usually do (I am prone to item #4 above) is create a Collection
(Smartset) of things that are supposed to be unmanaged. (Use the
Object List kind of collection, and select them from the map.) Then
I can grab them all at once and unmanaged them. If that collection
shows color I know I did that #4 and can go back in and unmanage
them all at once.


Leslie A. Clark
IBM Global Services - Systems Mgmt & Networking

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ronnie.ross@springs.com@tkg.com on 04/19/2000 03:00:25 PM

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I have NetVIew 5.1.2 for AIX.  Why does NetView ping every unmanaged node?
Most of the unmanaged interfaces are backup circuits.  Since there is now a
default route out to the internet, these pings are eating up the bandwith.



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