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Re: Pings to Unmanaged Devices

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Subject: Re: Pings to Unmanaged Devices
From: ronnie.ross@springs.com
Date: Thu, 20 Apr 2000 16:10:46 -0400
Optivity 9.01 is the version I am running.  Bay's only response was to go
into Infocenter, find the subnet for the backup circuits and then go into
admin to turn off super ping for that subnet.  I have not tried to do this
yet.  Before I killed the deamon manually, it was driving the T1 to the
internet up to 90%.  Now it is back down to 50-60%.

Ronnie Ross

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There is another option for Optivity running on AIX. Optivity 9.01 for AIX
released in March and has the option to run independent of NetView/6000 or
integrated. The latest version has been completely rewritten in Java and
major improvements over the 8.x versions. Worth taking a look at.

From: "Paul Sandler" <paul@swebs.com> on 04/20/2000 11:35 AM

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Subject:  Re: [NV-L] Pings to Unmanaged Devices


Well said.  I have inserted the code to start ExpandedView into the
right click mini-menu.  Works great.  I second the motion to delete as
much of the daemons from Optivity as you can.

As an aside, there was a great posting a few months ago re: Optivity
8.1.1 patches to get it to work on AIX 4.3.  You must make these patches
if you even want Optivity to load.


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From: "David E. Dimond" <dimond@allina.com>
To: IBM NetView Discussion <nv-l@tkg.com>
Date: Thu, 20 Apr 2000 09:57:40 -0500
Subject: Re: [NV-L] Pings to Unmanaged Devices

>Welcome to the wonderful world of Optivity.
>You don't mention what version of it you are running -- we got so
>fed up that we dropped support and are thus stuck at version
>8.whatever running under Netview v4.  I had this same problem
>and killed not only the superping daemon, but the entire set of
>SA daemons.  Including all the trap correlation stuff and returned
>port 162 to Netview where it belongs.  My life has been much simpler
>ever since I let Netview do what it what designed to do and got
>all the uneeded Optivity hooks out of the system.
>We only use it to monitor our legacy shared infrastructure of s3000
>ethernet kit, and I have found - for our purposes - the only
>real useful pieces of Optivity to be Expandedview and Omniview.
>And these run just fine with only the 'opt_init' set of daemons.
>NodalView would be nice, but it's full of bugs and gotchas that
>Nortel won't even acknowledge, let alone fix.  I've found everything
>else in the package to be functionally worthless unless you are
>100% homogenous SynOptBayTel.  In which case you have my sincere
>I'm currently bringing up a Netview v6 box and have discovered,
>much to my dismay, that the Optivity v8 won't work due to some
>as yet unknown problem syncing the Raima database to Netview.
>So I'm writing my own registration files to crowbar the relevant
>and useful pieces of Optivity straight into the Netview menu
>system which calls the apps from the command line.  And all this
>works without any of the other Optivity bloat at all...
>Sorry for the rant -- you touched a nerve rubbed raw by four
>years of trying to get Optivity to do what its marketing
>literature claims doable.  (And don't get me started on
>the Analysis package - what a nightmare...)
>Dave Dimond
>Allina Health System
>(note that the views expressed above are mine and mine alone,
>and do not neccesarily reflect the opinions or attitudes of
>my employer...)
>ronnie.ross@springs.com wrote:
>> Thanks.  I found out it was NOT NetView doing the pings.  It was
>> Optivity application superping daemon.  Since we have Bay routers,
>> added them to its database and was pinging every interface on all
>> including the interfaces we use for dial backup.  I guess it is not
>> enough to use NetView unmanaged state to NOT ping.  Nortel says I
>can go
>> into the Optivity database and turn off the pings by subnet.  I did
>> know I had to do this.  Does anyone know if I kill the super ping
>daemon if
>> the rest of Optivity will still work?  As a quick fix to get the
>> off our Internet circuit, that is what I have done
>> Thanks for your help.
>> Ronnie
>>...leslie's as-usual wonderful reply snipped in the interest
>>of bandwidth efficiency as it already exists in archive...
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>> I have NetVIew 5.1.2 for AIX.  Why does NetView ping every unmanaged
>> Most of the unmanaged interfaces are backup circuits.  Since there
>is now a
>> default route out to the internet, these pings are eating up the
>> Ronnie
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