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Re: trouble with NetView/NWays and Norton Antivirus

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Subject: Re: trouble with NetView/NWays and Norton Antivirus
From: Jim Kellock <jkelloc@ibm.net>
Date: Thu, 15 Jun 2000 15:11:40 -0400
There have apparently been several things thought to cause the Dr.
Watson errors.  You should open a PMR on this to be sure you have the
best solution, but recommendations I've seen include installing the
latest NetView 5.1 maintenance (5.1.3), and installing NT SP6a (not
SP6).  If either of these is the cause, reinstalling NetView won't
really fix anything.

A suggestion: When posting here include full product names and version
numbers for everything, because often it's these details that point to
the problems.  With NWays 2.1, you're probably installing NetView IT
Director Edition 5.1.0, and the recommended SP for that was, I think,
SP5.  Is that what you have?

Hope this helps.

Jim Kellock.

noelt@be.ibm.com wrote:
> Hi forum readers.
> Could someone tell me what's happening ? I have a customer who installed
> NWays Manager Suite V2 for Windows NT.
> Everytime Norton Antivirus is run on the system, NetView (the IT director
> edition that comes with NWays) crashes with an exception and is no more
> able to restart, since everytime that we try, we get Dr Watson exception
> faults on the netview daemons attempting to start (netmon, ...). Until now,
> the only course of action that we found is to reinstall the entire product
> (NetView + NWays).
> Any idea ? Thanks in advance.
> Thierry Noël - IBM Systems Management and Network Services IT specialist
> IBM HQ02.1 - Square Victoria Régina, 1 ; B-1210 Bruxelles
> Tél.: ++32 2 225.27.92 - Fax.: ++ 32 2 225.32.68 - E-Mail: noelt@be.ibm.com

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