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Passing trap data to script in action node in rule.

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Subject: Passing trap data to script in action node in rule.
From: "Gavin Newman" <NEWMANGJ@banksa.com.au>
Date: Mon, 31 Jul 2000 11:59:47 +0930
Running NV 5.1.2 I am trying to use an action node in a rule to mail info to 
the culprits when devices fail.
At this stage I am processing the Node_Down & Node_Up events but will extend 
this in due course if I can get over this problem.

In the doco it indicates that the variable available to the script are 
$NVATTR1-5 & $NVA etc. What I really want is the text that displays in the 
Events Display ie the text "Node Up", "Node Down" etc. but I don't get this 
using the variables described in the manual.

If I look at /usr/OV/log/nvaction.alog it shows lines like the following...

/netview_scripts/foobar.sh $NVATTR1 $NVATTR2~2000/31/07 11:59:59~1.3.4. <stuff 
omitted >~foobar.banksa.com.au~Node Up~ < more stuff omitted >

My question is, how do I get to the stuff after the variable names as it has 
what I want but, on the surface of it, doesn't seem to be passed to the script.

Cheers - Gavin

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