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Re: Restore Object DB

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Subject: Re: Restore Object DB
From: Paul Sandler <paul@swebs.com>
Date: Mon, 11 Sep 2000 19:50:50 -0700

Its my opinion that nothing is as good as a mksysb tape....and I'd suggest 
keeping three generations of tapes.  I stop netmon and 
issue      smit   mksysb

This creates a restore tape that will restore Tivoli and NetView and all my 


At 03:31 PM 09/11/2000 +0930, you wrote:
>This is an area which concerns me greatly as I cannot find any clear 
>instructions in any of the manuals I have as to what should be backed up 
>and how and what to restore if there are ever any problems. I was told at 
>one stage by a Tivoli rep to do a wchkdb -u on my machines then run 
>Tivoli, select the Netview Policy region and select the Backup option.
>I have been doing this each week now but I am now wondering if this is 
>enough? A definitive run down on the sort of periodic backup and 
>maintenance (a sort of "Care and Feeding of your Netview System") that 
>should be done would be a great help.
>Cheers - Gavin Newman
> >>> <Gareth_Holl@tivoli.com> 10/09/2000 06:07:19 >>>
>You should probably be restoring the /usr/OV/databases/openview directory (all
>three databases together). I don't backup /usr/OV/databases because it 
>the snmpCollect data files which can be quite large, particularly if you 
>frequently. You can backup your snmpCollect data separately and less 
>Typically I would back up NetView's Object, Topology, and Map databases, plus
>some configuration files as follows (this example only shows a backup to a 
>file system - substitute for your preferred archive mechanism):
>cd /usr/OV
>tar -cvf /backup/OV-files.tar databases/openview/ conf/ app-defaults/
>To restore the databases and config files from the local file system:
>cd /usr/OV/
>[The following step adds an extra degree of safety as you can always move
>"openview-date" back to "openview"  if your restore fails.]
>mv databases/openview databases/openview-date       (eg. openview-09092000)
>pax -rvf /backup/OV-files.tar -pe
>At this point, I would restart netview (without netmon running) and let 
>the maps
>synchronise. Then you should close the GUI and run the database maintenance
>utilities to ensure database consistency:
>ovmapcount -a > /tmp/mapcounta.txt
>ovmapcount -b > /tmp/mapcountb.txt
>ovtopofix -A 2>&1 | tee topofix.txt
>[You should check for errors and take appropriate action, such as removing
>symbols from the map(s) if they are reported as not existing in the object
>and/or topology databases]
>Enter "ovw &" to start the NetView GUI.  Note:  DO NOT start netmon at this
>time. Wait for the topology and object databases to sync up with each other.
>This step usually takes longer than usual (after using the ovtopofix utility)
>but it is an important part of the process. Now enter "ovstart netmon" to 
>the netmon daemon. You should be good to go.
>Please note this is my working process and it may not necessarily be the best
>possible method. You should also refer to the NetView Install and 
>Guide because I think it may provide a procedure for backup and restore ??
>I hope this helps,
>Gareth Holl
>Software Engineer
>Olympics Advocate
>Tivoli Systems / IBM Corporation
>Research Triangle Park,  NC  27703.    1-800-TIVOLI-8
>Jean.M.SCHMIDT@odot.state.or.us on 09/08/2000 05:58:29 PM
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>I need to restore the object db from backup. Which files do I need to
>restore, the ones in usr/OV/databases/openview/ovwdb or the ovw files in
>Jean Schmidt
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