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[nv-l] nvpage issue with skytel.

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Subject: [nv-l] nvpage issue with skytel.
From: "Milburn, Shane B" <shane.b.milburn@intel.com>
Date: Fri, 1 Nov 2002 08:31:25 -0800
I have gone to the Skytel two-way pagers and am having a dialup issue when I
use nvpage to send pages. It seems when my system gets connected to Skytel
it sends a <CR> and then waits for the ID= string. Working with Skytel it
seems that sometime their system requires <CR><CR> before it gives the ID=
string. Unfortunately, nvpage only sends one <CR> so my system never sees
the ID= string and the page never goes through.

Check out this snippet from my nvpager.alog: [Note the Putc(): line that's
where my problem is]

10/31/02 13:27:00 Dispatching message, request: 2, dwParam2: 0
10/31/02 13:27:00 In HandleLineCallState, about to wait for call state
10/31/02 13:27:00 Connected!
10/31/02 13:27:00 About to wait for dispatch event
10/31/02 13:27:00 DialCall(): Wait terminated because a connection was made
10/31/02 13:27:00 do_logon(): wait 1 sec before sending <CR>
10/31/02 13:27:01 Putc(): Wrote: <CR>
10/31/02 13:27:01 Waiting for: ID=
10/31/02 13:27:57 Dispatching message, request: 2, dwParam2: 1
10/31/02 13:27:57 In HandleLineCallState, about to wait for call state
10/31/02 13:27:57 Remote Party Disconnected
10/31/02 13:27:57 Stopping Call in progress
10/31/02 13:27:57 About to call lineDeallocateCall.

If I could just get an extra <CR> at the Putc(): line my problem would be
solved. Anyone have any idea how I can force an extra <CR><CR> when I get
connected? Even if it's with modem settings. 

Carrier: skytel
        Modem phone #: 1-800-679-2278
        Numeric IDs accepted on modem line: N
        DTMF phone #: 
        Max. message length: 500
        Max. digits in alphanumeric pager #: 10
        Max. blocks/transaction: 1
        Max. transactions/call: 80
        Baud rate: 9600
        Parity: E
        Data bits: 7
        Stop bits: 1
        Protocol: TAP

I'm going to open a call with them but since this would require a code
change I doubt it will get done.

Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated. 

Shane B Milburn
Sr. Network Engineer & Unix/Network Domain Lead,
LTD Automation, Intel
Phone: 503.613.8501
Pager: 877-588-1327 or shane.b.milburn@skytel.com
Email: shane.b.milburn@intel.com

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