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[nv-l] VPN staue threshold

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Subject: [nv-l] VPN staue threshold
From: adam.paisley@elekta.com
Date: Tue, 8 Jul 2003 17:39:01 +0100
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Hi list,
I'm a little stuck for an approach to generate events for when a vpn interface goes down.

The mib table contains the vpn status for a number of vpn tunnels.  These are reported as a 1 for up and 0 for down.  

Initially I thought I'd use a simple data collection and threshold, but the trigger is > "a value" and re-arm <= "a value" - this is the opposite to how the device is working.

I'm thinking that this is a fairly standard thing to be able to solve - can anyone offer any pointers on how to do this - I've checked the archive & it only seems to mention calculating positive thresholds.  A thought I've got is that I can set the threshold > 0 and re-arm <=0 which will cause it to trigger all the time, then use a rule to get the mib value (will the trap include that?) and then do something with it in the rule to decide if it should be sent onwards to TEC.

Any thoughts appreciated.


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