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Re: Re: [nv-l] Collecting SNMPv2 Data from Nokia box

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Subject: Re: Re: [nv-l] Collecting SNMPv2 Data from Nokia box
From: Joe Fernandez <jfernand@kardinia.com>
Date: Tue, 19 Aug 2003 00:35:50 +1000
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In answer to your question : " Why should the collection be deferrd for one

if a node does not reply to the SNMP Get, the snmpCollect daemon defers the
following Get on that node for a "defer time" . The default is 1 hour. It
can be changed by the -D switch on snmpCollect. 

At 10:23 AM 15/08/2003 +0800, Haibo Yang wrote:
>Hi John Bruer,
>   Thank you for your help. From snmpcol.trace, there are really some
useful information. I have noticed several log about collecting the
specific NOKIA MIB value. But I don't understand it really, let alone how
to debug it.
>########### Beginning##########
>The log says: 
>Thur. Aug 14 15:29:39  : Deferring SNMP collection of NokiaCPUUtility.0 on
> 60 minutes (1.00 hours).  Consecutive deferral #1.
>################ End #################
>Why should the collection be deferrd for one hour? and What the meaning of
"Consecutive Deferral #1"? Are there going to be #2, #3, etc.?
>In command line, simply using the command "snmpget
.", the value can be retrived. There is no doubt
about it. But why the silly mib data collector can't? 
>Scatching my head , now , is not enough for me, I'd like to scatch the
>Best Regards
>Bruce Yang
>======= 2003-08-14 06:59:00 ÄúÔÚÀ´ÐÅÖÐдµÀ£º=======
>>"Haibo Yang" <hbyang@sysway.com> writes:
>>> Hello, list.
>>> Netview 7.1.3 on Win2000 Pro with Pack 2
>>> I have modified \usr\ov\conf\snmpcol.conf and a new entry was added
>>> to collect "the current percetage of CPU untiliztion". The following
>>> is the content of the snmpcol.conf 
>>> MIB . 0 NokiaCPUUtility units TIMETICKS R
>>> C 0xffffffff 120 > 40.000000 <= 35.000000  s 58720263
>>> The last entry here is supposed to collect the cpu utility data from
>>> nokia box. 
>>> In command line, I can use \usr\ov\bin\snmpwalk or snmpget to get
>>> this specific mib value. 
>>Just to verify, make sure you can do those two without specifying a
>>community string on the command line.  This ensures NetView is using
>>the right community string. 
>>> My problem is that In the MIB Data Collector window,  when I click
>>> the "data" button, it is empty!!! You know, the collecting interval
>>> is 120 seconds and there is a long enough period of time for netview
>>> to get some data. 
>>> Any one here can tell me why there is no data collected by the MIB
>>> Data Collector? Are there some ways to make it collect the MIB value
>>> I want? 
>>I've fought with such problems in the past myself...often scratching
>>my head as to why it was occuring because everything looked fine, yet
>>no data ever showed up. 
>>At least in the AIX version, there's a log file that's pretty helpful
>>for debugging this though.  /usr/OV/logs/snmpCol.trace
>>You may have to toggle it on. In AIX, that's done through
>>serversetup.   YMMV, and I am not familiar with the windows product. 
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Joe Fernandez
Kardinia Software


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For additional commands, e-mail: nv-l-help@lists.tivoli.com

This is not an Offical Tivoli Support forum. If you need immediate
assistance from Tivoli please call the IBM Tivoli Software Group
help line at 1-800-TIVOLI8(848-6548)

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