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From: James Shanks <jshanks@us.ibm.com>
Date: Wed, 3 Sep 2003 09:39:22 -0400
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Lucian -

I couldn't tell you what the future plans are even if I knew them.  All such issues are IBM Confidential and may not be discussed in a public forum until an official product announcement has been made.  The only way you can find out such information in advance of an announcement is to ask your Tivoli/IBM marketing rep to get you a nondisclosure agreement so you can discuss this with development.

James Shanks
Level 3 Support  for Tivoli NetView for UNIX and Windows
Tivoli Software / IBM Software Group

tivoli <tivoli@bu.brauunion.ro>

09/03/2003 09:35 AM

        To:        James Shanks/Raleigh/IBM@IBMUS
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        Subject:        Re: [nv-l] origin=

thanks for this... I changed the.cds file and now I'm expecting the

can I ask you something more? do you know if future version on netview @
Windows / Linux will have one of these:

- full MLM configuration support
- RIM support
- native client support (Linux )

thanks a lot!

James Shanks wrote:

> The origin field from the NetView for Windows TEC adapter, when mapped
> to  the default value of $SOURCE_ADDR in the tecad_nv6k.cds, is broken.
> It has been for some time.
> There is an APAR for this, PJ29055, and it will be fixed in 7.1.4.  I
> don't know to whom in Level 3 you consulted, Brian, but it was not me,
> and such issues are usually mine.    I am sorry that your call was not
> properly routed nor resolved.  
> As a workaround, I would alter your default mapping to  $AGENT_ADDR,
> which is a better match in most cases, until a fix is available.  In
> those cases where $AGENT_ADDR does not work, you will have to live
> without an origin value.   It may that in the future the 7.1.4 fix
> will be ported retroactively to the next FixPack for 7.1.3, but that
> remains to be seen.  For now you will just have to accept the fact
> that it is broken and work around it.
> Hope this helps
> James Shanks
> Level 3 Support  for Tivoli NetView for UNIX and Windows
> Tivoli Software / IBM Software Group
> *Brian Kraftchick <Brian.Kraftchick@odfl.com>*
> 09/03/2003 08:15 AM
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> Lucian,
> I have had the exact same issue since our installation of Netview by IBM
> Global Services, and it has yet been resolved.  We have a different IP
> address show up than yours, but still it has nothing to do with our
> network,
> nor any configured device on our network.  I have actually taken this all
> the way to Level 3 with Tech Support, but still no solution.  We were able
> to determine that it does come directly from NetView....when we check the
> TEC reception log...the IP address is already there, so we know that TEC
> isn't generating it.  Something within TEC is....but as I said, we still
> don't have any solution whatsoever....please let me know if you find
> anything out.
> Brian
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> From: tivoli [mailto:tivoli@bu.brauunion.ro]
> Sent: Wednesday, September 03, 2003 6:01 AM
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> Subject: [nv-l] origin=
> hi there list!
> I have some events from NetView that appear in TEC with origin
> what this could be? (I have a second NIC on netview server without an
> address... )
> thanks
> Lucian
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