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To: Mario Behring <mariobehring@yahoo.com>
Subject: Re: [nv-l] Web console
From: CMazon@commercebankfl.com
Date: Tue, 30 Sep 2003 11:57:49 -0400
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SNMP protocol is enabled, the right community is set within the switch and Netview... I believe I have the right MIB loaded since I can see all the interfaces under the "OTHER" section.  Can you tell me which MIBS should be loaded just to verify?

The following config section is set in the switch:

set snmp community read-only      <C.Name>
set snmp community read-write     <C.Name>
set snmp community read-write-all <C.Name>
set snmp trap enable  module
set snmp trap enable  chassis
set snmp trap enable  bridge
set snmp trap enable  repeater
set snmp trap enable  vtp
set snmp trap enable  auth
set snmp trap enable  ippermit
set snmp trap enable  vmps
set snmp trap enable  entity
set snmp trap enable  config
set snmp trap enable  stpx
set snmp trap enable  syslog
set snmp trap enable  system
set snmp trap <C.Name> port 162 owner CLI index 1


Mario Behring <mariobehring@yahoo.com>

09/30/2003 10:01 AM

        To:        nv-l@lists.tivoli.com
        Subject:        Re: [nv-l] Web console

My NetView is also running on a W2K machine and this option is working fine. You have to check some things first:
  • Check if your switches have SNMP protocol enabled.
  • Check community names (insert on Specific Nodes or Wildcards at Options-> SNMP).
  • Check loaded MIB files. You can find many MIB files in the Internet by device manufacturer and load them into NetView.

Mario Behring
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I'm starting to think that Netview is far better off on AIX than it is on Windows.... there are correlation rules that are not supported on Windows, no admin guide, and a much longer list.  We are a complete Windows shop.  Does anyone know if all the functions that are provided in Unix are also available in Linux.  I can get away with having a Linux box in our environment, but purchasing a SUN box is a whole different story.


Jane Curry <jane.curry@skills-1st.co.uk>

09/30/2003 03:08 AM

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       Subject:        Re: [nv-l] Web console

It works for me.  I have my NetView 7.1.3 plus Fixpack 1 on AIX 5.1 with
my Web Console on Win2K Server.  Does the switch you have selected
support the bridge MIB (RFC1493)??  Has the community name changed on
this switch so that it effectively no longer supports SNMP at all?

I would suspect problems with the switch on this one, rather than NetView.

CMazon@commercebankfl.com wrote:

> Newtview 7.1.3 / Win 2k Advanced Server
! > In the web console when monitoring a switch... there is a menu for
> Switch Management ---- Port view.  When viewing this, I get a Not
> Supported going accross all the fields.  Has anyone come accross this
> and how do you get it to activate?
> Thanks.
> Carlos

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