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You need to hack this user's .Xdefaults and setup the nvevents.loadEnvOnInit and nvevents.saveEnvOnExit to be TRUE. Then, in their Event Workspace, make sure that the "Save Environment" menu from Options has a check box by it. Ere after, when the user closes down NetView, all event workspaces will be saved and restored when he restarts the NetView GUI.


Meyos Yemveng wrote:

Hi Folks,
My Client has requested to be able to View only events of Device X on the Event Browser. I have Created a Dynamic workspace with a filter that satisfies the selection of Events from Devices of Type X only.
But when I restart the Client, that workspace does not Load.
Q1: How to make sure that a Created Workspace is saved and Reloaded automatically Q2: Do the Web Console supports the Concept of Workspace? If not what is the alternative?

Thank You,

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