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From: alejandro.gabay@reuters.com
Date: Fri, 08 Apr 2005 10:10:37 -0300
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Hi All:
I am trying to add a custom menu to the WebConsole.
I am following the guidelines and the examples found in the contributed code 
area of the Netview Web Site.

In the "readme.eui.xml" we find :
"The "Menu" files need to go in 
There can only be one PopupMenu file - it goes in
The "Actions" files go in /usr/OV/www/webapps/netview/warf"

Where I am confused is that if I do a find . -name MyActions.xml I found 
several ones located at /user/WebConsole, /Administrator/WebConsole, 
/Operator/WebConsole" all starting from the "/usr/OV/www/webapps/netview/warf"

How is it possible? Where should we place the MyActions.xml?

I do not know why I do see the new menu in the roles area of the Webconsole 
security but not in the WebConsole itself.

NV 7.1.4 FP 2 Solaris 8.

B. Regards
Alejandro Gabay
Operations Supervisor, Argentina, Uruguay & Paraguay.
Reuters Ltd

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