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I feed netview snmpcollect'd data into rrd files & use www.cacti.net as the
front end - all open source (it's one of the many similars to mrtg, but has
a nice web gui & uses templates to help with setup).

Ok, it's a bit more work but it looks nice.  Of course cacti can do the data
collection itself, but it's not always possible to allow it to do this. The
snmp manager (netview) on the other hand is generally allowed & able to do
TEDW is normally too heavy & the sample interval is way too long.


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How I wish!  I tell people that the web console is really no good for
performance data, either real-time or historical.
Anyone else??


Mildeberger, Thorsten wrote:

>Hi Jane,
>thanks for that. 
>Do you also have a hint for us dealing with the web based reporting for 
>SnmpCollect Data available in flat files?
>That is something, I also would be interested in. 
>I already found some hints in the Netview archive, but may be you have 
>a favorite for us :-)
>best regards,
>>Thorsten Mildeberger
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>We have had an excellent Perl script contributed to the NetView Tivoli 
>User group site which analyses and reports on data produced by setting 
>the NMAVAILABILITY environment variable.  This does NOT require 
>Framework support, database support or DataWarehouse.
>It provides daily/weekly/monthly reports on node/interface outages.  
>Feel free to pick it up at:
>Better still - use it, improve it and contribute it back!

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