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Re: [nv-l] ? about monitoring event logs on Windows 200x

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Subject: Re: [nv-l] ? about monitoring event logs on Windows 200x
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Date: Tue, 26 Jul 2005 08:53:23 -0400
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That can be done by enabling snmp on the Windows server/workstation and
using the built in command 'eventwin' supplied with Windows.

Don Kontner
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Running 7.1.4 FP3 on Redhat AS 2.1.  Would like to know if anyone has a way
(without buying extra S/W) to monitoring Windows event logs for certain
events - then send a trap on them?  If not, are there favorites for shrink
wrapped event log monitor solutioins?

Second question, I've seen several good threads on monitoring services
using servmon - but I need to monitor some services that don't "listen" on
a specific port.  I know I can query for services and running state, but
I'm a very low skilled coder and am unsure how to create logic that would
ID a specific service, and detect that it is NOT active.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated,

Glen Warn
PEMCO Corporation Computer Services (PCCS)

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