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RE: [nv-l] netmon not responding

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Subject: RE: [nv-l] netmon not responding
From: "praveen kumar" <praveenkumar.nair@ustri.com>
Date: Thu, 20 Oct 2005 19:26:24 +0530
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Hi James,

Thank you for the information that database changing is optional it is a
great relief. I had this issue for couple of times now I am pretty sure that
database changing is causing the problem does not know why? I strictly
followed the documents, I have the latest security patches installed on the
windows 2003 does it have any effect. Else every thing is fine.

One more help needed from you is SNMPv2 trap support on Windows
Converting to this what are the benefits I will get. 
In my environment to monitor the VPN tunnel status almost all the mibs are
v2mibs. If  I load snmpv2 enabling the snmpv2 trap is required? And also can
put an snmp collect for the snmpv2 mibs loaded. 


Praveen kumar


Could you be more specific about what exactly you did?  And what
environment you have?

If by renaming the databases, you mean this item in the readme:
New database templates for the Tivoli NetView for Windows program that uses
Access 2000 or later

The fix for PJ30038 requires that the user stop recording data into the
previous mdb files in the \usr\ov\databases\odbc directory and create new
database files using the empty templates that are provided. To do this
conversion, perform the following steps:
   1. Stop all Tivoli NetView daemons (using serversetup)
   2. Enter the following commands:
         1. rename [Drive:] \usr\ov\databases\odbc\tess_db.mdb
         2. copy [Drive:] \usr\ov\databases\odbc\tess_db.mdb_empty
         3. rename [Drive:] \usr\ov\databases\odbc\snmpcollect_db.mdb
         4. copy [Drive:] \usr\ov\databases\odbc\snmpcollect_db.mdb_empty
         5. rename [Drive:] \usr\ov\databases\odbc\topo2sql_db.mdb
         6. copy [Drive:] \usr\ov\databases\odbc\topo2sql_db.mdb_empty
   3. Restart the Tivoli NetView daemons (using serversetup).

You can keep old database files for analysis using another tool, such as MS
Access, or you can delete them. However, after the above conversion is
done, the Tivoli NetView program ignores the old data.


Steps 1 - 4 have nothing to do with netmon, and the latter ones, 5-6,
would only be affect it if you were trying to run live from a relational
database, since netmon does not write to topo2sql_db.mdb directly.    These
steps have no affect my system here so what's different about yours?  Or
did you rename more than what was listed in those 6 steps?

In any case, doing this is entirely optional.   Your system will continue
run fine without doing any of this.  PJ30038 fixes a problem with the event
subsystem (tess) in which the Event Browser takes and error and closes when
run with a customer filter for some length of time.  So you could avoid
that by doing just steps 1 and 2.  The other odbc sources are only there
for consistency.

James Shanks
Level 3 Support  for Tivoli NetView for UNIX and Windows
Tivoli Software / IBM Software Group

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  Hi all,

I am running  Netview 7.1.4 on windows 2003  now with fix pack 3
After fix pack installation I renamed the database as recommended in the
fix pack readme here started my problem after this my netmon stopped
responding when I demand poll any device the error is netmon not responding
ovstatus shows running .
I had experience the  problem before, now when I give the old database back
the netmon is back on track .

Any one  please help me to sort this out .

True regards,

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