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The status source of a symbol depends on which symbol it is.   You can see this using the context menu (right-mouse, Edit..Modify/Describe..Symbol). If the symbol is at the IP Internet level of the map (top or in a location icon), then the status source is 'Compound Propogate'. If the symbol is in a subnet, then the status source is symbol. The status in that subnet reflects the status of the interface that the device has on that subnet.  So if you have a router with some green and some red interfaces, then the router symbol will be red in the red subnets, and green in the green subnets. This should sound familiar.

Submap heirarcy and the nature of symbols is covered in the Admin Guide, chapter 3.


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11/16/2005 04:19 PM
Please respond to

[nv-l] Color change

Sorry, i've looked through the user guide, the admin guide and the programmers guide and can't seem to find the answer this - on netview 7.1.4 fp3 for suse linux, I have a router with 3 interfaces showing as red, why is the router still showing as green?  Is there a percentage of the router that must be down before it shows as margainal?  According the user's guide, it just has to have one "unsatisfactory" condition to be considered margainal.  This is with rfi turned off.  

Thanks in advance

Becki kain

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