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Fw: [nv-l] trapd -s (size parameter)

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Subject: Fw: [nv-l] trapd -s (size parameter)
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Date: Mon, 24 Apr 2006 10:00:26 -0400
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I tried changing the log file, but it still followed the size rules for
trapd.  Is there a way to not have a size limit for the log file.  I tried
changing it to 0, but Netview wouldn't allow me to do that.  My only other
option is to make the size a very large number.  Do you happen to know what
the max value for the size is (or if there is one).  I found out the
minimum size is 10K.


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Why not use the -l parameter to specify your other log file directly and
forget the pipe?
I believe that when you do that all the log management is left up to you,
though I haven't been in the code for some time, so I am not completely
certain about that.

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Doesn't anyone know of a way to NOT set a limit to the size of trapd.log.
I currently have a trapd.log set up as a pipe to another log file.  Since
this pipe daemon already has a built in rollover capability, I do not need
this capability for trapd.  I am running into problems when trapd attempts
to rollover.  I know I can probably set trapd.log to a very large value (
is there a max size for trapd.log), but is there a parameter that tells
trapd to limit the size of trapd.log and then not rollover.


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