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RE: [nv-l] trapd -s (size parameter)

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Subject: RE: [nv-l] trapd -s (size parameter)
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There's a built in function to configure trapd rollover under 

serversetup->configure->Set options for daemons-> set options for event
& trap processing daemons->set options for trapd daemon.  

You can set the size of trapd.log (default is 4mb not sure what the
maximum is) and then configure the trapd log maintenance script to use
the /usr/OV/bin/trapd.log_Maint script and this will create the rollover
log files wherever you want them.  


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Doesn't anyone know of a way to NOT set a limit to the size of
I currently have a trapd.log set up as a pipe to another log file.
Since this pipe daemon already has a built in rollover capability, I do
not need this capability for trapd.  I am running into problems when
trapd attempts to rollover.  I know I can probably set trapd.log to a
very large value ( is there a max size for trapd.log), but is there a
parameter that tells trapd to limit the size of trapd.log and then not


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