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[NV-L] Progress report on 7.1.5 installation.

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Subject: [NV-L] Progress report on 7.1.5 installation.
From: Bill Evans <wvevans@epix.net>
Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2008 18:06:49 -0500
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Thanks for the feedback.  Working with the mailing list has allowed me to finally upgrade from 7.1.3 to 7.1.4 on a Red Hat 4 Linux system. 

The hardest part was getting a base system to move to.  For the past year, as fast as we installed fixes to RH 4 and certified the system to satisfy our Security Gurus the Red Hat crew came out with more patches.  We finally got a slow period when we were able to put a system with NetView into the certification process and go on the air just after the New Year's break.

For the record, my first problem with NetView was getting the maps in the background to display on the web console.  With FixPack 2 things work well but there are still some minor problems with manually formed maps.  It's obvious that NetView support put a lot of work into that function.  I have yet to confirm but one of my maps without a background seems to be centered with a real X-console open but displayed slightly outside the frame when using netviewd.   I'm afraid we'll have to work gingerly with the new function if we try to do "interesting and novel" things with maps but our friends in NetView Support, though the ranks have thinned, are still providing great support. 

A second problem seems to be installing Web Console Fixpack 1 on openSUSE Linux 9; no problem on openSUSE 10 or Windows.  I've been meaning to update those machines anyway; they drive the plasma displays on the wall and for that use don't need the web console fixpacks.   The new function provided there is the display of the department logo on a primary Submap Explorer showing the headquarters area  (all location icons) and a second Submap Explorer with the national location icons displayed against a US map.  This simplifies the task since the previous display required an open X-window console to show the national layout with a map. 

With the help of the list I avoided spending more than a trivial effort on the DISPLAY variable in /etc/init.d/netnmrc.  Allow me to express my thanks to Jane, Leslie and James for all the information they've contributed to that list and a double thanks to Jane and Skills 1st for hosting that storehouse of community knowledge. 

Now that I have a functioning, up to date NetView, I can address the problems of monitoring PIX firewalls. 

A belated Happy 2008 to all.

Bill Evans
NetView Support
HQ - US Dept. of Energy

Jane Curry wrote:
I have just upgraded to fixpack 2 on my SuSe 9 system and found that the
DISPLAY variable was NOT set in /etc/init.d/netnmrc .  Folowing the link
supplied by Drew gives the fix, except the article says that this will
be included in Fixpack 2.  I simply put the DISPLAY line at the top of
the netnmrc file.  Here's that link again:


I also found that it insisted I applied Fixpack 1 to the Web Console
before applying Fixpack2.

As James says, it writes to logfile in <NetView drive>:\temp so if your
console isn't installed on C: then you need to fix that too.  The error
code I was getting in the java window behind the web console was "bad
HTTP response code 503" - in case that helps anyone.


James Shanks wrote:
My web console expert says that the most likely cause for your issue is
that the updater did not install the FixPack successfully the first time.
You can go to tools->web console updater to see if the FixPack really is
installed successfully.

If not then it is likely that your web console is installed on some drive
other than C:

The automatic updater for the web console won't work if the web console is
installed on a drive other than the C: drive.  If it is, then you have to
install the  web console test fix using manual steps. You will need to
 then set TMP=netviewdrive:/temp
and then run the web console from command line where you set TMP.

Hope this helps.

James Shanks
Level 3 Support  for Tivoli NetView for UNIX and Windows
Network Availability Management
Network Management - Development
Tivoli Software, IBM Corp

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