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Re: NV & CW2000 sizing

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Subject: Re: NV & CW2000 sizing
Date: Mon, 12 Apr 1999 14:29:10 -0400
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   Thank you for the update. I am still waiting for my copy of AIX_CW2K from 
Cisco. I hope that they are holding it until all the fixes identified by you 
and others are corrected.
Please let me know how much memory the jre daemon eats up. I did see an email 
that said 200 meg with 80 % CPU on Solaris 2.6.
As I understand, the upgrades available for the F50 are 166(1-4) or 332(1-4). I 
did not see any 266 upgrades in my book, anyway, may be it does exist.
Thanks again;
Gil Irizarry

>>> "Whitehead, Neil" <whitern@RBOS.CO.UK> 04/12 7:51 AM >>>

I recently installed Cw2k on an F50 nearly matching your specifications..
(dual processor 166MHz, 512Mb RAM, AIX 4.2.1, NetView v4, CW4.).

After some initial (annoying!) install problems (which Cisco are now aware
of and have work-arounds for) everything seems to be OK. I have noticed that
the Web Server component of CW2K is very processor intensive (25%
Utilisation on those components alone). In our particular environment that
was deemed to be unacceptably high so we're installing a replacement
processor board (dual 266MHz) and an additional 256MB RAM

The upgrade hasn't arrived yet so I can't say how it has improved.

Neil Whitehead (x22808)
IT Services (Telecoms)
The Royal Bank of Scotland
Tel: 0131-523 2808
e-mail: whitern@rbos.co.uk 

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> Subject:      Re: NV & CW2000 sizing
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> Neil:
>   I am doing a test drive with CW2K running on NT4.0 256 meg of mem. The
> (jre (Java RunTime Exec)) is eating the memory quite fast. They tell me
> that the problem is with NT and that there is possible fix coming.
> We have ordered CW2K for an F50 running AIX 4.3.2 NV5.1 & 512 Meg of
> memory. I am planning to upgrade from CW4.0 very soon.
> Do you have some specific recommendation / customization for UNIX jre
> daemons?
> Thanks in advance
> Gil Irizarry
> >>> Neil Harvey <nharvey@ISL4.DEMON.CO.UK> 04/08 9:10 AM >>>
> Hello,
> I am looking for a bit of advice or feedback regarding installing
> CiscoWorks2000. At the moment the platform is an E20 (256MB memory)
> running NV5.1 and CiscoWorks 4.0, it was orginally sized for NV4.1 with
> CW4.0 (a few years ago). CW2000 is required to provide the CWSI for
> their new switches and hence essentials resource manager (ERM) will have
> to be installed (I believe it is a pre-req for CWSI?). They are quite
> happy to migrate/remove CW4.0 and replace it with ERM.
> I have installed CW2000 on a solaris platform running HPOV NNM and found
> some of the CWSI daemons to be a bit CPU hungry and had to alter the
> configuation files (in particular the jre processes). I have already
> seem some usefull posting on the forum regarding possible problems and
> was looking for any feeling on the platform size or any further caveats
> I should be aware of.
> At present it is a 70 router network (5000 objects in the database) but
> growing to a 300 router network (mainly Cisco devices) in the next few
> months.
> Thanks in advance, Neil.

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