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Re: netview & HACMP

To: nv-l@lists.tivoli.com
Subject: Re: netview & HACMP
From: Ken Garst <Ken.Garst@KP.ORG>
Date: Thu, 28 Oct 1999 07:58:20 -0700
Reposted because of e-mail error!

I have installed a 2-node cascading cluster on 39H hosts using HACMP 4.3,  AIX
 4.3.2, NetView 5.1.2, Tivoli Framework 3.6.1 and Oracle  with the RIM server,
 TMR server and NetView server on one node and the Oracle DBMS on the other

First, the cluster does NOT have to be concurrent access.  It most definitely
 can be either rotating or cascading.

Second, what event did you define the pre-event scripts to be triggered from?
 I am not sure what your pre-event scripts are to do, but HACMP takes care of
 the varyon of all shared external filesystems.  To make NetView highly
 available, the /usr/OV filesystem should be located on the shared external
 disks.  I did the same for the Tivoli Framework.  (Incidentally, in my case
 the alternate node was NOT a Tivoli managed node or an endpoint client.)  I
 also considered my cluster to use IPADDR takeover AND hardware address

Third, although I did not do it, an application CAN be registered with HACMP
 so that when the cluster manager monitors it and when the application fails,
 HACMP can initiate a node failover if you promote the appl failure to a node

Fourth, although you didn't mention it, I activated Tivoli's kerberos for my
 cluster but not the HACMP enhanced security.  The Tivoli kerberos is a manual
 setup but works slick.  Unfortunately for us, the Tivoli kerberos daemon is
 twice the size in bytes that the SP's PSSP kerberos that HACMP enhance
 security uses.  One distinct difference between the two kerberi is that the
 Tivoli kerberos does not support multiple realms while the PSSP kerberos


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