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Re: How to integrate two NOC's - Openview and Netview

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Subject: Re: How to integrate two NOC's - Openview and Netview
From: Leslie Clark <lclark@US.IBM.COM>
Date: Mon, 7 Feb 2000 09:27:50 -0500
Well, I have not done with on HP, but with the MLM on AIX I know it works
well. To tell the MLM in NOC B to manage beyond its own subnet, I would
fire up the APM. This is not the only way, I believe, but it has worked
for me. A collection is generated for the domain of that MLM, initially set
to the local subnet of that MLM. Then you just modify the definition of
Collection to cover the whole area.  The MLM is informed of the membership
of the Collection automatically.

The collection is defined in terms of nodes. If you are using different
DNS domains for the two areas, and everything in that domain has a
name, you could use a criteria like 'IP Hostname ~ \.noc\.com$'. Or you
could do it with a list of subnets. The list might be longer than you can
do with the dialog form of the collections editor, but the text form will
it. I've cut and pasted from a file to make one of these, after starting it
in the gui. Keeping it in a file might make it easier to administer.

I just took a quick look and don't see any reports of problems using the
MLM on HP. But I don't know how many people are using it.


Leslie A. Clark
IBM Global Services - Systems Mgmt & Networking

We have two different NOC's, I will describe:

NOC A) Platform HP-UX 10.2, Openview's NNM 4, ITO 3.2, CiscoWorks 4.0
Manages network equippment (Cisco mostly), 800 servers: HP-UX and SUN.

NOC B) Platform AIX, TME10 Netview 5.1.1, Patrol 3.3, SNA Server, Netview
Manages 20 AIX Servers with System Monitor (SIA, and MLM), 200 NT servers
with Patrol,

Our management direction, want to have a new single NOC integrating A)and
B). We are planning this NOC (NOC C) to have:
Platform AIX (2 S7A nodes with HACMP), TME 10 Netview, Patrol, Command/Post
(will be the manager of managers), Patrol and CiscoWorks.
We have chosen AIX because we have some in-house developped software
(Inventory, Software Distribution) that we want to keep. (That's the reason
why we don't need a Framework in this moment). Also we perfer AIX because
better integration with SNA, CICS and MQ-Series.
Initially we are planning to replace the NNM in B) with a MLM for HP-UX
module in charge of managing the elements that NNM used to. The destination
trap of B) network elements wont have to be changed.

My questions are:
1) Someone has other tested alternatives for doing the integration on AIX?
2) How is MLM working on HP-UX. ?
3) MLM assignment: If I understood correctly MLM's assume management of IP
adresses within their own LAN segment. How can B) MLM be assigned to manage
the whole B) network and not just its own LAN segment ?.


Francisco Gurrea-Nozaleda
Telefonica Sistemas

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