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Re: Can you Compress value_info.ovf file?

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Subject: Re: Can you Compress value_info.ovf file?
From: Gareth_Holl@tivoli.com
Date: Fri, 7 Jul 2000 17:28:58 -0400

Hi Lorraine,

Is the value_info.ovf file growing ? If so, at what rate ? Is your managed
network changing in any way (deletions and new discoveries) ? How often do you
run database maintenance commands such as ovmapcount and ovtopofix ? Do you use
the nvTurboData command on a regular basis or have you used it on the databases
more than once (not that I think this is a problem but it may cause the
value_info.ovf file to increase) ?

Do you have any ATM switches ? Do you have any switches with a large number of
virtual interfaces (ELANs or sub-interfaces) ? Do you have any routeres with a
large number of interfaces ?

Can you view the contents of the overflow file (value_info.ovf) and get some
idea of what device (interface) info is being stored there. You may need to use
the strings command to view it. I would guess that info related to devices with
many interfaces are being stored here. Of the device/interface info that you
see, are you noticing anything unusual about their behaviour in the network OR
NetView's behaviour when it comes to displaying their status accurately ? Do
these devices/interfaces have lots of fluctuation in status (interfaces going up
and down constantly) ?

What is the snmp config settings for your network and in particular the devices
that show up in the .ovf file ? What is netmon's status polling interval ? How
many objects in your Object DB ? What is your ovwdb cache size ?

Lots of questions and nothing to help you I know, but I'm trying to see a
pattern or a possible reason for the size of your value_info.ovf file
(particularly if it is still growing).

Gareth Holl
Level 2 Support Engineer

"Lorraine Maher" <lorraine_maher@HOTMAIL.COM> on 07/07/2000 04:04:47 PM

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Subject:  [NV-L] Can you Compress value_info.ovf file?

Hello All,

This is related to the email entitled 'Database Connection Lost' (i.e.
value_info.pag etc).  My environment is AIX 4.2.1, NV 5.1.3.

About six months ago, we had a problem whereby the database was growing huge
and the overflow file (value_info.ovf) became really big 238M.  Support
contended that some kind of bogus network was attempting to be discovered.
Problem never occurred again and after doing an nvTurboDatabase compression,
the value_info.pag became a more manageable size i.e. 16M, however the
overflow file is still 238M.  Is there any way to shrink this file without
risking database corruption?

Regareds, Lorraine

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