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Can you Compress value_info.ovf file?

To: nv-l@lists.tivoli.com
Subject: Can you Compress value_info.ovf file?
From: "Lorraine Maher" <lorraine_maher@hotmail.com>
Date: Fri, 07 Jul 2000 13:04:47 PDT
Hello All,

This is related to the email entitled 'Database Connection Lost' (i.e. 
value_info.pag etc).  My environment is AIX 4.2.1, NV 5.1.3.

About six months ago, we had a problem whereby the database was growing huge 
and the overflow file (value_info.ovf) became really big 238M.  Support 
contended that some kind of bogus network was attempting to be discovered.  
Problem never occurred again and after doing an nvTurboDatabase compression, 
the value_info.pag became a more manageable size i.e. 16M, however the 
overflow file is still 238M.  Is there any way to shrink this file without 
risking database corruption?

Regareds, Lorraine


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