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Subject: RE: Re: Format trap manually
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Date: Thu, 5 Apr 2001 08:25:02 -0400
Mans, they are probably not the same enterprise. Some of the cisco traps are
simply but there are several additional oids under the cisco
tree (, etc.) for different cisco hardware, etc. I believe
you will find that the Enterprise oid is actually unique - you will need to
define the traps for uniquely and in addition to the traps
defined for

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Thanks for your input guys, but it's still some parts that are unclear to
me. As you both (Leslie and James) write, I just have to define the
Enterprise (Cisco, if it's not already done, and then add
the event with Enterprise Specific 1as trap number and the rest of the
costomization. So far I'm with you and I can generate event to match my
trap customization. But I do get different traps with the same Enterprise
(Cisco, and the same Enterprise Specific trap number, 1. So,
how do I separate them? The only thing that are different between the two
are the varibles.

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